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The Ghostwriter Agency is a powerhouse of writers in Entertainment, Print and Business.  Our focus begins with the client's needs and extends into the expansion of their vision. The agency was created with a grassroots ideal of building credibility, one relationship at a time. With twenty years of experience in various writing fields, the agency brings an amalgamation of ghosts to the table for your every need.





We have screenwriters who specialize in all genres of film and television.  From action/thriller, to drama, family/animation, to romantic comedy, and from episodic drama to sitcoms, -- our ghosts are some of the best in the business.


However, this field is without limits.  We also have ghost comedy writers for stand up routines, as well as ghost lyricists for musicians and producers.




Our authors and creative writers handle your every need in print.  From novels to biographies, content for cookbooks, self-help books or materials, commercial tag lines and slogans, to instruction manuals and medical pamphlets, -- we have your ghost.




We have writers for online content, blogs and social media, speeches, and transcribing. From ad copy to product label content, this arena is for you to explore and request at your whim.





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